What is a pre order?

What is a pre order?

A pre order design is an item which is available to pre order on our website, but is not yet available for shipping as it is being made by our tailors.

If you place an order which contains a pre-order design, the whole order will be shipped on your selected shipping method as soon as we have it in-stock.

Your order confirmation will provide the estimated date for the pre-order design to be with us and we will then ship the whole order within a few days of that date.

We aim to ship it on the same day as we receive it from our tailors, but this is not always possible and depends when it is received by our warehouse team.

If you have any questions about your pre-order design, please contact the Customer Service team by clicking the Contact Customer Support button below.

We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. At weekends, this may be a little longer.

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